SIGNS : My Hands are my Voice – Accessibility Design

Project SIGNS enhances digital accessibility by enabling individuals with hearing and speech impairments to interact with popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant using sign language. This breakthrough API uses machine learning to recognize and translate sign language into actionable commands for voice assistants, facilitating seamless digital interactions.

Challenge: Despite advancements in technology, 466 million people globally can’t fully utilize voice assistants due to hearing or speech disabilities.

Solution: Utilizing a smart tool that recognizes and translates English, Arabic, and German sign language in real-time, Project SIGNS communicates with voice assistants, which respond via text or visual feedback. This allows users to control digital devices using just their hands.

Impact: Project SIGNS not only bridges a significant gap in digital communication but also fosters a more inclusive society where technology is accessible to everyone.

Technologies Used:

  • Machine Learning for real-time gesture recognition
  • Integrated API for seamless interaction with voice technologies

Future Direction: Continuing to refine our technology, Project SIGNS is committed to expanding language options and enhancing user experience, making digital accessibility universal.

Credit goes to Dominik Heinrich for making it happen.


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