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Hello, I'm Yiannis Lapatas, Director and Customer Strategy & Experience Lead at PwC's Experience Center & Experience Consulting in Cyprus. With over 25 years of expertise in design, communication, and technology, I specialize in strategically enhancing customer experiences to drive revenue and engagement.

I guide clients in elevating User Interaction & Experience and orchestrating Customer & Marketing transformations through innovative Creative & Critical Thinking. As a CX Leader focused on communicating customer centricity at different touchpoints, I spearhead solutions that drive competitive advantage through strategic growth, operational optimizations, and engaging experiences.

My approach revolves around human-centered design & CX solutions, seamlessly integrating digital marketing, customer experience, and EmTech. I drive digital and sustainable transformation while harnessing design thinking & service design practices to build brands, solve issues, and drive sales.

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CX • Design • EmTech


Director, Customer Strategy & Experience Lead at PwC Experience Center


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