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Currently from the position of Director of PwC's Experience Center & Experience Consulting in Cyprus, my expertise lies in helping clients transform into ultimate customer attractors via innovative thinking and customer-centric transformations. With more than 24 years of experience in the design, communication, and technology industries, I have managed and led highly diverse world-class design and innovation teams globally, delivering outstanding customer-centric transformations that decode the world of tomorrow.

My approach is based on human-centered design and CX strategy, with a focus on digital marketing, customer experience, emerging technologies and the way in which all the previous combine to create an innovative and immersive experiences for customers. I have extensive experience in hardware and software design, quickly bringing new products to market. Sustainability is also a key consideration in my work, and I incorporate it whenever possible.

As an awarded creative director and innovative designer, I have received accolades from prestigious organizations such as Cannes, Epica, German Innovation & Design, Goldmobilen, Eurobest, Astrid, Clio, and Ermis Awards. My experience spans across multiple global and local brands in diverse industries, including aviation, financial services, beauty, retail, e-commerce, insurance, telcos, and technology.

At PwC, my focus is on digital and sustainable transformation, growth through experience, and design thinking practices. With certifications from IDEO, Hyper Island, and MIT, I specialize in CX solutions that function on three levels: building brands, solving issues, and driving sales. My passion lies in digging deep to understand why a problem exists and working hard to invent the most simple and elegant solutions that prioritize the customer's needs.

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