CYTA/Vodafone – Redesign the Customer Experience

Client’s Request
The client has asked us to redesign the Customer Experience for the whole organization. Currently, CYTA is the leader in the telco sector with about 63% of the market. While it is the preferred telco provider, it still acknowledges the fact that there is a lot of room for improvement in the Customer Experience.

What we did… We applied a design thinking approach in combination with the PwC BXT Agile (Business, Experience, Technology) mindset to identify the different action areas and channels, map the As Is state of each Customer Journey (in B2B and B2C). We have set KPIs with the client for the Customer journeys and mapped them out. We developed a CX Monitoring Model with core principles and tools based on which we evaluate the UX experience.

How did we do it?
We evaluated our approach through a comprehensive design thinking process, achieving the following key outcomes and deliverables:

1. CX Strategy Workshop: Aligned UX strategy and inspired a user-centric approach.
2. UX Leadership Workshop: Empowered decision-makers and guided actions.
3. User Research: Deep insights from interviews, observations, and mystery shopping.
4. Affinity Mapping: Identified crucial entities, touchpoints, and channels.
5. Customer Journeys: Comprehensively mapped out customer experiences (As Is and To Be).
6. Ideation Workshops: Generated innovative solutions for pain points.
7. Design Sprints: Expedited design and testing of ideas.
8. CX Monitoring Model and CX scorecard tool: Ensured consistency and evaluated UX experiences.

Credits goes to:
Yiannis Lapatas – Director of PwC Experience Center & Experience Consulting
Maria Solomou – Senior Manager of PwC Experience Center & Experience Consulting
Sevi Peri – Associate of PwC Experience Center
Evi Sereti – Senior Business Consultant
Christiana Kyriacou – Manager Technology Consultant



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