Lufthansa FlyNet – CX Redesign Platform

Coming from German Lufthansa AG, the request was to increase customer loyalty, exploit cross-selling potential and enhance the attractiveness of their portal, FlyNet.

The task involved mastering the balancing act between dynamic content integration and a visually appealing look and feel, modular integration of content from different sources and presentation on different devices.

This truly challenging project, completed in collaboration with People Interactive (today known as Valtech), gave us the opportunity to master our skills in:

1) Customer Experience Strategy
2) Validating user research
3) Valuing innovation and interaction
4) Creating a killer UX design that was warmly welcomed by different target audiences

Credits from people interactive

Creative Director: Michael Tobehn
Senior Art Director: Yiannis Lapatas
Project Manager: Michael Henze

Client: Deutsche Lufthansa AG


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