The insight:
In the market segment of nail polish essie is an absolute trend-setter with highest desirability. Girls love to accessorize their outfits with the ever new fancy nail colors in order to make an individual style statement. And the same goes for fancy sneakers.

The idea:
We initiate a cooperation between ESSIE and ADIDAS neo and develop the first sneakers that can be lacquered (and un-lacuquered) with essie nail polish. Thus from now on, every time a girl lacquers her nails she can perfectly match her sneakers’ stripes.

The execution:
To make sure the nail polish perfectly sticks to the stripes and can be removed easily with customary nail polish remover the stripes are made of a special fabric. The stripes go essie sneakers will be produced as a limited edition and promoted in our communities.

Creative Director: Yiannis Lapatas
Art director: Fabian Stückrath, Katharina Wersdoerfer, Saskia Müller, Christiane Schlinge
Copywriter: Juliane Blersch & Hristina Stojanovic
Account: Marina Adler

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